Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kether Muse Metaphysical Writings

Back in early 2001 I began experiencing an unusual event. This came about with no conscious intent on my part. One morning I awoke and went about my regular routine of making coffee and sitting down in front of my computer to check my email. I noticed I was having a difficult time waking up. As I sat I was “prompted” to open a blank document and try to write about what I was feeling as it was a very strange sort of blanket surrounding my awareness. What happened next was the beginning of a phenomenon that would keep occurring for many days.

I began writing from a space where I was not fully conscious. Was I channeling? No. Was it automatic writing? Perhaps. Was I lucid dreaming? No. It actually took me many years to come across the word that fit the state I believe I had been experiencing. I was in the state that is termed “Hypnopompic”. Defined as “the state of consciousness leading out of sleep”.

Those pre-dawn altered states of consciousness transpired (not every day) for a year from January 4th to December 5th 2001. The result was 74 short writings that I came to call my “muses”. I began emailing them as I wrote them to a handful of close friends. I sent them unedited just as I had typed them. They were received with much appreciation (and soon anticipation) as most found they contained a message worth hearing.

There was a long absence of this state of consciousness as it left me as swiftly and unannounced as it appeared. Then in 2008 I once again was taken by this strange altered state of consciousness and between the dates of December 1st 2008 to December 11th 2008 I produced 8 more writings which I subsequently titled “December Walks With Shadow”.

My closest friends have encouraged me to publish them over the years. But because of many reasons I had chosen not to. Recently I started reading them again myself. Many seemed new to me as if I had never read them before and I too was inspired by some. So after all these years I decided to put them into volumes for print. After reading up on all the methods of publishing a book I decided just to do it myself (for now) and have printed a few of them at a local printer to start with. Two books. The original 2001 texts I simply call “Kether Muse” and the 2008 one is, as said before, “December Walks With Shadow”.

It is curious to me that here in Boise Idaho where I live (for neaar 60 years) the “occult” scene is minimal. We have a great pagan focused store (Crone's Cupboard) and other pagan communities here. We also have a pretty good selection of “New Age” folk and alternative healers. But I have yet to find a community of what I consider occultists. Thelemites and Chaos Magicians seem to be hiding from me. So I am going to a few places to seek places where I my have opportunities to sell my books. The folks who own Crone's Cupboard are friends so I will of course go see them. There is also another pagan/wicca placed called Bella’s Grove. But of most interest is a place I am actually surprised I have never checked out in person before, although on my website, KetherMuse, I advertise their events. The Boise Holistic and Metaphysical Coop. Today they are having a gathering of psychics and tarot readers. Perhaps I can arrange to sit sometime and sell my books?

If at all interested in perhaps purchasing one or both of my volumes of writings you can find contact information in the About Page on my website (or a Facebook message). I will email details if you like. The books are spiral bound like this with clear protective covers front and back.

Here is a sample of one of the Kether Muses for your consideration.

1-13-2001 ©

An eerie glow is dancing round about  this morning.
So alive and active though I feel that none can see its stirring but I.
Although it is born of light it enters and exits from the shadows.
I understand and perceive that it is calling to me with a secret to share.
I look deep into its ghostly face and strain my ear from listening.
For its voice is soft and full of echoes.
And as it sees me in my intent, laughter is a melody
running in harmony with its whispering.
" We know you see us for we are of the Light.
But if not for the Shadows you would have no sight."
And I am taken aback for a moment for I know this song.
It's melody has resounded within my meditations
on many quiet morning and in the quiet times
before I close my eyes for dreaming.
So it seems the Spirits have bought their lessons once again, my love my guru.
It is a message of contrast.
A message of Light. 
A message of Darkness.
A message of eternal play and of the dance
where the dancers never stumble
and always flow in rhythm with the music that is offered.
And as we watch these dancers we know that they are lovers.
We know their trust in one another is beyond question.
We know that their dance and their love filled gazes
into each others eyes is all they know.
All that matters to them.
We watch from the edge of the dance floor, my teacher, knowing we are blessed
to witness the awesome beauty of their eternal flowing.
Shall we join the dance?
We know the tune.
It is good to come to the dance. We always have an invitation.
But so often we choose to stay at home or work focused on the day to day
actions of the moment. And often we perceive it to be a struggle to do anything else.
We do not feel the balance that is all about.
Our ears are empty of the tune of Life that is always playing.
The disharmony of our own minds drowns out the Spirits songs.
We do not stop and take a moment to see the beauty
and feel the Joy that lies at the edge of the seam between
the Darkness and the Light.
For there is where true clarity of vision resides.
There stands Balance.
And the door to the dance hall stands open and inviting.
So let us quiet the voices of our minds.
Follow the sounds of the Spirits singing.
And let us pull out our invitations each day.
Knock on the door and enter the hall.
Would you care to dance my love my guru? We know the tune.