Monday, October 27, 2014

The Writing On The Wall

The Writing On The Wall
Kether Muse ©

The disembodied Fingers of Fate
weave stories in my dreams.
Oh, Daniel where are you now
so I may beseech of your wisdom
to decipher these foggy visions of tomorrow?

Angry voices cry out their warnings
from ever changing faces crafted of fire
whose words burn my flesh.
I stand in bewilderment reaching for a reason
that would explain my mantle of dread.

Like Belshazzar shall I let this moment pass
oblivious to my message from beyond?
In my panic my heart is like the spring rivers
swiftly cascading unrestrained and uncontrolled.

The White Rabbit hurries by
reciting his mantra, “I'm late. I'm late.”
as Cassandra stands silent vigil
with knowing in her eyes.
But my own eyes remain clouded
no matter my efforts to see the Light.

The warp and weft complete
the steady beat of the loom goes silent.
I lay down on this tapestry
knowing it was made for me
as everything else fades away
like smoke in the wind.
Even my fears have departed.

Yet still the vision eludes my understanding
as I caress the patterns around me.
I feel there is a choice to make
and assistance is not forthcoming.
The task is mine alone.

Slowly I awake as the sunlight replaces
the darkness in the shadowy rooms
of the dream temple I recently inhabited.
Looking out to the sky the patterns of my tapestry
linger there for a moment
imprinted on the swirling clouds
before fading away like a morning mist.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Psychoceramics, A Primer

Hello friends. It has been quite a while since I have ventured into the Blogosphere, even though I have documents expanding weekly to eventually deliver my thoughts and opinions on a plethora of topics. But most of those are of serious intent and require much refining to convey their intended impact.

So I found it curious that a silly little unexpected excursion into cyberspace led me to an unknown corner of the world, coaxing me out of my blogging hibernation. By the end of this magnum opus (insert an u-hum and a smile here) many may immediately think, “Man, this guy needs a life!” Well sometimes I have thought that very same thing! …. Nah...

16, remember that number if you will. If you actually make it to the end of this adventure for it will have a bit of significance. (there WILL be a test) For now, in relation to needing a life and traveling the internet I read a report just today that said Americans spend 16 minutes out of every hour on social networks. Wow, really? Only 16? Well I suppose I used up my daily quota just making this post!

Time to start the silliness. I was investigating a little pottery figurine to put into my space at a local Antique/Collectible store I am a part of. It is a lovely vintage child dressed in Chinese garb reading a book while sitting on a book. Very whimsical. On the bottom it says Kreiss and Company. I discovered that Murray Kreiss left a successful career with a national silver company started the company in 1939 importing novelties from Japan. The company, four generations later, is still family owned. This is where I went off the rails.

While looking at more links for Kriss and Co. I saw a link that drew my eye. “Psycho Ceramics: A Primerfor For Collectors” Now, anything with the word psycho in it HAS to be interesting. So I clicked on through. The article was another adventure into the unknown. After I read the commentary by Cosma Rohilla Shalizi about psychoceramics I felt inclined to know more. Then my curiosity suddenly felt like the feeling you get when the roller-coaster is starting to climb. Excited anticipation.

This is where I met, or didn't meet (you'll understand soon) Josiah S. Carberry Professor of Psychoceramics, and the study of "Cracked Pots"  If you are still with me at this point you may well understand how I felt like Alice in Wonderland at the Pool of Tears as she exclaimed "Curiouser and curiouser!"

Well faithful readers we have come to the end of this mini blip in your day. If you have not read the Wikipedia page, and even if you did, you will get much more from the following video and end with a smile on your face, I would bet on it! Now what was that number I asked you to remember? Well here a some more. If your time is limited, because at this point you also have abused your allotted web minutes, jump to the time stamp at 10:52 to 12:10 for a moment of "What??" As always, I wish you well. Please share freely.